“Scottie Reeve is an intelligent, energetic, creative and extraordinarily gifted leader and social entrepreneur, exactly the kind of spiritually-alive person I want to be inFLuenced and inspired by.”


Author • Speaker • Activist

After coming to faith in the middle-class northern suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand, a chance meeting found Scottie Reeve exposed to another side of living in the city he had known his whole life. Immersed in stories of addiction, violence and pain, Scottie found that his faith wasn’t big enough for the questions before him. 

Questions like: What if Jesus didn’t call us to just a more comfortable, popular and successful life? What if the promises of upward mobility and accumulation actually stand at odds with the way he invited us to? What if we’ve just used Christ to just get what we wanted all along anyway? 

Twenty-One Elephants is about what we all know to be true, but are too scared to admit. It’s about a whole-of-life spirituality that messes with our relationships, reputation, families, money and living situations. It’s about the darkness of our world and the darkness within. It’s about the joy and the grief of embracing the reckless way of Jesus. 



Scottie leads Blueprint Church in Wellington, New Zealand with his wife Anna. Prior to this they spent 9 years working with young people through Zeal, a nationwide creative arts trust.

Scottie is an ordained Priest in the Anglican Church and a Social Entrepreneur, having launched espresso bars in downtown Wellington which exist for the purpose of employing young people into their first jobs.

Scottie speaks regularly to faith-based and mainstream audiences around New Zealand.  In his spare time, Anna and Scottie have enjoyed travelling widely to places such as India, Ethiopia, Palestine and Turkey.

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