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Ko wai ahau?

I grew up in the shadow of the mountain Tangi ti keo, drinking the waters of Te Whanganui-a-tara. My ancestors come from Norwich UK, moved to London for work, and then migrated to Aotearoa in the late 19th century. 

I'm a writer, communicator, and innovator in church-planting and Christian community. I've written for publications including The Spinoff,  Sojourners,, and Newshub. My book, 21 Elephants - Leaving Religion For The Reckless Way of Jesus, was the winner of the Ashton Wylie Book Award.

I've walked through my share of dark valleys, but I'm yet to see a place where a glimmer of God's light isn't hidden for us. You can hear me talk about this on this episode of Down To Earth Conversations. 

With my friend Rev. Spanky Moore, I host the 21 Elephants Podcast. I lead Catch Network, an Aotearoa-wide collection of missions, ministries, and conspiracies of love. I also lead Re-new Communities, a collection of churches and justice initiatives in Wellington, New Zealand. I'm also an Anglican Priest and Archdeacon based in Brooklyn, Wellington.

"Scottie Reeve is an  intelligent,  energetic,  
and extraordinarily gifted leader and social entrepreneur. Exactly the kind of  spiritually -alive  person I want to be influenced and inspired by."

- Brian McLaren Author/Activist

I've been a contributor to these publications

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