Season Two continues as Scottie and Spanky drive further north to Kopua Monastery to have a chat with Fr. John, a Benedictine monk. Together they look at silence and solitude as a possible solution to mobile phone addiction.

You can register your interest in one of the silent retreats we mentioned at the end this episode below. They are available to young adults in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 


Ancient Solutions: Anxiety & Contemplative Spirituality

Scottie and Spanky begin their road trip in Wellington talking to Rev. Jean Malcolm about what Contemplative Spirituality might offer to the many of us suffering with Anxiety and mental health trauma. 

Two resources are mentioned in this podcast:

Firstly, this guided  "Centering Prayer" takes about 20 minutes, but is a great way to start out in Contemplative Spirituality:

Below is an attached called 'Five Approaches to Contemplative Prayer' which suggests some ancient traditions you may want to try out at home. 

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